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Wednesday- January 2, 2008

Perl One Liner
Thursday- February 23, 2006

Delete Empty Directories
I don't know about everyone else out there but I hate having a lot of empty folder just hanging around.

Rocking the 8088
Monday- January 30, 2006

This video was linked to on hack -a-day but I liked it so much I figured I'd put it up here.

Neat Link
Tuesday- January 17, 2006

Came across today, and I have to say I enjoyed it. This page looks like it is going to be a usefull reference. Once I figure out how I want to display my links I will add this outside of the news section.

I stole some code!
Thursday- January 12, 2006

But it doesn't really matter since the code I stole was also code I wrote. As you may have noticed the looks of this page have changed a little bit. What I've done is to take the skeleton of the code for the Computer Club page and reuse it (I think that's supposed to be a good thing in programming). The look is very much still like the Comp. Club page but I'm working at making it my own (if that's possible). Currently there are still a few 'lil bugs to work out: the display in IE is kinda ugly yet, and the page doesn't validate because data coming in from one of the RSS feeds includes a funny character. Which as you may have noticed I'm sporting some RSS feeds to the side now. In the future that side bar may become its own page.

Btw have you all played with Google Video yet? Where else can you find such Gem's like this one?

Happy New Year!
Friday- January 6, 2006

I hope everybody out there had a fantastic Holiday Season... I know I did. If you'd like to here more about it send me an email and I'll let you know about all the fun. My girlfriend and I rented a Cabin for New Year's eve. While we are very much not TV watchers we decided to watch a few hours on New Years Eve. Have you all seen the cartoon "Boondocks" (sp?) and "12oz. Mouse"? They are both absoulty crazy...

Anyways the reason for today post is to add a link to my schedual for school next semester.

Working on my Canal Page
Tuesday- December 20, 2005

I put some work in tonight on my C&O Canal Pictures page. You can now take a virtual trip down the canal.

I recently got an account on Orkut, that means I now have spare orkut invitations. If your in need of an invite just drop a brother a line and I'll see what I can do for you. I know I didn't like having to wait for an orkut invitation so I'm willing to give out some free orkut invitations

My lil book list...
Sunday- November 20, 2005

My amazon wish list for anyone who feels compelled to Buy Me Something.

Playing along the Canal
Saturday- November 5, 2005

This is a page I made a few summers back, but it was when I was running a webserver in my room. I used the project to teach myself php and mysql, but whenever I got around to formatiing the box that the whole thing was on, I just backed up the files and most of the tables in the db (I forgot/lost a table or two). Now that I have it all online again you can check out some cool pictures of the C&O Canal.

Having fun with excel...
Tuesday- August 2, 2005

This is a neat pic I made in excel today... This was inspired by an article I was reading in Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern by Douglas Hofsteader. This is a fantastic book, and I really feel that after having read it that I grew as much intellectually as I would have in two years of school. Mind you it did take me all summer to read (though I read some other books while working trough this one).


Siera Smith my girlfriend's website.

Down here is my playground, it may even change live while I work on different projects. I like to play here rather than a hidden directory, so in the off change that you find what I was working on neat and email me.