These images are scans of doodles I made in High School

Number of images: 15
Created on: Saturday 12 November 2005

thumbs/border flower.jpg
border flower.jpg
thumbs/contour doodle.jpg
contour doodle.jpg
thumbs/Disco Lancealot.jpg
Disco Lancealot.jpg
thumbs/Eye Looking Out.jpg
Eye Looking Out.jpg
thumbs/fireflower doodle.jpg
fireflower doodle.jpg
thumbs/flower fill.jpg
flower fill.jpg
thumbs/Flower Lines.jpg
Flower Lines.jpg
thumbs/line doodle.jpg
line doodle.jpg
thumbs/line flower.jpg
line flower.jpg
thumbs/root doodle.jpg
root doodle.jpg
thumbs/sissors and construction paper.jpg
sissors and construction paper.jpg
thumbs/The Flame.jpg
The Flame.jpg
thumbs/tri doodle.jpg
tri doodle.jpg