Fancy pieces of paper that have made their way to me.

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Created on: Saturday 12 November 2005

thumbs/1200 Club.jpg
1200 Club.jpg
thumbs/2001 Allegany Co Tech Showcase.jpg
2001 Allegany Co Tech Showcase.jpg
thumbs/2001 Science Bowl.jpg
2001 Science Bowl.jpg
thumbs/2002 Chem Olympiad Nominee.jpg
2002 Chem Olympiad Nominee.jpg
thumbs/2002 Chem Olympiad.jpg
2002 Chem Olympiad.jpg
thumbs/2002 Science Bowl.jpg
2002 Science Bowl.jpg
thumbs/2003 Mystery.jpg
2003 Mystery.jpg
thumbs/2003 Science Bowl.jpg
2003 Science Bowl.jpg
thumbs/AP Credit Chem.jpg
AP Credit Chem.jpg
thumbs/ASP Award.jpg
ASP Award.jpg
thumbs/ASP Dipoloma.jpg
ASP Dipoloma.jpg
thumbs/Biology Award.jpg
Biology Award.jpg
thumbs/BOE Science Bowl.jpg
BOE Science Bowl.jpg
thumbs/Cert of Merit.jpg
Cert of Merit.jpg
thumbs/Dean Dinner.jpg
Dean Dinner.jpg
thumbs/Dean's List Fall 2003.jpg
Dean's List Fall 2003.jpg
thumbs/Dipoloma Cover.jpg
Dipoloma Cover.jpg
thumbs/FH Band.jpg
FH Band.jpg
thumbs/FH Wresteling.jpg
FH Wresteling.jpg
thumbs/Honors Program Accept.jpg
Honors Program Accept.jpg
thumbs/Red Cross.jpg
Red Cross.jpg
thumbs/Science Bowl Trophy Pic.jpg
Science Bowl Trophy Pic.jpg
thumbs/Science Olymiad.jpg
Science Olymiad.jpg
thumbs/Summer Egineering.jpg
Summer Egineering.jpg
thumbs/Wishington Middle Attendance.jpg
Wishington Middle Attendance.jpg